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Realizations over the past 14 months….

…you wished my mom a happy birthday while at the same time holding a phone call with a group of people behind my back to attempt to destroy me.

…you told me I ghosted you while you were having other conversations.

…you told me I ghosted you after you scolded me like a bad child.

…you told me I ghosted you when you knew I was on vacation.

…you said I hurt your feelings by ghosting you while you were plotting.

…you told a lot of lies to make others think what you were saying was true and I was the bad guy.

…you said I changed when I was exactly the same person.

…you pretended to be my friend while in retrospect you never were.

…you told me a friend of mine was a “bad influence” like I’m a petulant child, and not a grown woman close to 50 years old.

…you treated me like I was malleable.

…you wanted credit for my work and ideas.

…you needed me to think I was a bad person.

…you needed me to think I didn’t deserve to have friends in my life.

…you needed me to think I was the bad guy, and it was all my fault.

…you called me to ask me my side of the story and claimed to be my friend and then never spoke to me again.

…you claimed you were being led by your faith, and you claimed friendship then never spoke to me again. That implies God made you do it?

…you constantly called me over the years to talk to me, but never got to know me, because we only talked about you.

…you would call and spend twenty minutes pouring praise over my head, then said I was a horrible person and a whole lot of other names.

…you called me a “Good German who stood by and allowed the Nazis to rise to power” in a passive aggressive social media post.

…you demanded I trust you, but never extended me the same grace.

…you didn’t ask me for my side of the story.

…you listened to others, and said I was the one with the problem.

…you turned out to be exactly who you said I was.

…you accused me of treating people the way you do, when that’s not true and you know it.

…you made a monumental deal out of something small because you were petty and wanted fame.

…you refused to even listen to an apology when given with my whole heart, and still berate me to others, because it makes you feel better.

…you want me to be the bad guy so you can feel self righteous.

…you pushed my buttons so I’d be silent because you knew where and how to hit me.

…you took advantage of my struggle with my own mental health to deride me.

…you never actually or genuinely supported me. You pretended to, but you never truly did.

…you never respected me.

…you never listened to me.

…when you disagreed with me you talked to me like I was an idiot.

…you were never my friend, but I was yours. You took advantage of that, used that, profited from that personally (not monetarily but in other ways), then discarded me when it suited you.

…I see you now.

Thank God you’re out of my life!

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