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The Criticality of a Support Network

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Here’s what I know about this journey, while there are momentous highs and lows, the flat out truth is this journey is very hard in almost every way possible.  While our children are young (and this is all I can speak to because it is the only true experience I have so far) we have to work hard for a) identification, b) understanding what the identification means, c) an equal and fair education to FAPE and Endrew F. standards year after year after year, d) that the school is using an evidence based remediation program to fidelity, e) if possible extra, after-hours tutoring with someone who really knows what they’re doing and teaching with yet another (or same) evidence based remediation program, f) proper homework support and finally g) that on top of all of this that the child gets to be a child and live as normal and happy of a life as possible given the struggle to attain A-F above.

All of this takes strength of character, heart, soul and mind; it takes conviction of self; it takes resilience and a determination to keep standing strong in the face of defeat and repeated “no’s” so all of that can be converted to wins and “yes’s.”  It takes love and compassion to keep going, love for yourself, love for your family, love for your child and love and compassion for all of those on this path because we are all facing the same challenges and all of our children deserve better.

My journey, what is critical for ME, is to have a network of people around me who know me, understand me, can support me because of their vast knowledge about this particular world and can fill in all of the holes that I just CAN’T because I do not yet know, but also love me and want to see me succeed for the sake of my son, and enable me to help move the battle front forward, in the direction of improved dyslexia rights for ALL CHILDREN.

I need my rocks, my anchors who tether me to truth and pick me up when I fall down and wipe the muck off of me and push me to continue moving forward.

We are ALL ON THE SAME PATH!  None of us should be tearing each other down.  None of us should be turning this journey into a political issue or a power struggle.  None of us should be intimidated by anyone else on this journey.  None of us have it more together than anyone else.  None of us are better or worse.  Socio-economics may separate us and in that our ability to provide more or less external supports for our children may be impacted, but that should be it.

Because this only ever should be about our children.

If at the end of the day, the person in front of you desires in their hearts more than anything else to improve the world for our dyslexic population, then nothing should separate us.

For me personally, I have no political agenda save restoring education to true education, for FAPE to be a given, for standards defined by Endrew F. to be upheld without question, for our dyslexic children to automatically be provided the supports they need to not just survive but thrive, for our teachers to be properly trained before they EVER LEAVE COLLEGE on all things dyslexia, for parental rights over our children’s education to be fully restored and respected.  Yet I don’t consider any of these things to be political dogma, but a moral responsibility for all.

We will only improve the lives of our dyslexic community as one united front!

We do not have to agree on all things, but we must agree that this must be about dyslexia and nothing else if we are to win.

I see and know great dyslexia warriors and our reasons for being here may superficially appear to be varied, but for each of us, the catalyst were the tears in a child’s eyes, staring up at us, trying to understand why they couldn’t read and needing us to provide answers, because we were either the mom or the dad and that child thought we had all the answers, or could at least fix it.

This has only ever and will only ever be about our children.

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