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I Love Dyslexia

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I’m filled with a lot of angst at the moment. This is because of the limited knowledge of the people who should have the most, our schools. This is also because this path is not one any of us would choose.

Our children, while in school, struggle in a system not designed for them.

However, there is far more to dyslexia than the school aged years, and that is where the beauty lies.

There is artistry in who they are, what they are capable of, and it takes many forms.

Or dyslexics become the poets of life, of existence, in all of its forms. From art to written language to applied mathematics, engineering, medicine, science, etc.

Our dyslexics make space travel possible, unlock the universe, capture breath taking beauty in color, in words. They invent and create. They wonder, and from their wonder they provide gifts to our lives.

The have forged nations, and laid the foundations to travel farther than Mars.

We owe so much of our way of life to the dyslexics of our past. What will we owe to the dyslexics of our future?

As for me, my dyslexic has the best cuddles. The way he looks at me stirs my heart. Our conversations make me think harder than I ever have before. His questions and reasoning both on and about life are inspirational. I love how he mispronounces certain words and he will never understand that he says them incorrectly.

He is an out of the box thinker, a problem solver, a leader, a gentle soul.

So yes, I hate the school years, and I will elaborate more on that very soon, but I love the gift that is dyslexia. I love how they make everything better in all of our lives.

Even if you don’t know it, can’t see it, they have. You should know that you have dyslexia to thank for the world we live in and how we live our lives.


One comment on “I Love Dyslexia

  1. Mandy Miller says:

    Well said ❤️


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