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STAGE 1 is Complete. Now What?

Now What

Do you recall how I stated that the dyslexia journey was one of evolution?  Well, we’re evolving yet again.

I have come to realize that not only is this about evolution, but that the evolution can be classified into stages.

You see I’m a planner (ok, yes, yes, I hear you shouting “DUH!”) and I like organization (I said I can hear you) and I like to put everything into nice neat little piles I can cope with and easily grab (seriously I can hear you shouting “DUH!” already).

Getting the school to provide a dyslexia diagnosis and initially provide a 504 which was later converted through the FIE process into an IEP with program fidelity, I consider all of this STAGE 1.

STAGE 1 is great.  We achieved a lot.  I’m really quite happy and I see benefits already with my son, I think.

The problem is now we’re in STAGE 2 and I don’t have a clue where to begin.

We have the IEP so now what?  How do I ensure that the goals are appropriate for his intelligence?  How do I know that the measurements are appropriately given?  How do I REALLY KNOW, that he’s progressing against the goals?  How do I know that the measurements are real and compiled by someone who knows what they’re doing?  How do I know that Endrew F. is being upheld appropriately and legally.  In other words, how do I know that my child is really and truly learning and succeeding at his remediation?

The next ARD is in 15 days and I’m relying on the amazing people in my life, the dyslexia warriors who know mountain ranges more about dyslexia than I do to help me shape my questions into asks that benefit my son and his needs.

I could not do this journey without the people in my life who are both willing and able to fill in the gaps of knowledge I’m lacking.  If you don’t have a network of people who can fill this knowledge gap for you, please find them.  If in doubt please reach out to my page.  I’ll work to share what knowledge I do have and help you build a network to support your needs.

You don’t have to be alone in this journey because we are a community.

Personally, while yes, I feel a tad overwhelmed, I am confident I’m going to be given great advice and I’ll be able to further provide my son what he needs.

Updates to follow on STAGE 2.

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