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If You Are So Proud, Then You Should Share

Dear School Industry Crime Bosses,

You’ve invested an extraordinary amount of taxpayer dollars in various Balanced Literacy reading methodologies with names like Lucy Calkins Teacher College, Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention, etc.  Due to the amount of money you’ve invested, the manner in which the industry, yes, industry, has dominated the university system and convinced professors to teach all generations of teachers in these methodologies so they can follow your curriculum plans, you would assume that you would be awfully proud of it.

After all, your rabid disciples regularly hop onto pages and sites that only support structured literacy and the science of reading and pick fights about the “inepitude” and boring nature of phonics with heated emotional non-factual positions in attempts to do what?  Sway opinion?  Justify the criminal action taking place every day in American schools?

If you were so proud you would SHARE with parents the curriculums and lesson plans that impact our children on a daily basis.  You would welcome parent observation in your classrooms.  You would sing the awesomeness that is reading education in our country.

Instead parents are constantly met with non-answers to basic curriculum questions.

My most recent question was, “When you say you are teaching my child reading strategies and all you are interested in is whether or not he is applying that reading strategy in his daily work, what exactly are those strategies?  I need to understand.”

This was met with ZERO response.

This naturally leads me to ask the question why.  Why is it a secret?  Why won’t you tell me?  Why won’t you SHARE the curriculum, the lesson plans and the “strategies?”

Because you know they don’t work!


But in your determination to dumb down each successive generation that walks the halls of your schools, you believe that with each successive generation the questions will grow less and less as the masses just accept this is the way.

You are wagering and waiting on the death of the generations before Whole Language being thrust into every American classroom so we will STOP making so much noise about the criminality of your actions.

Yet, we educate our children properly and inform others.  Our knowledge will not die with us, we will spread it to the generations that follow us in spite of your determination that we fail by your daily failing of our children.

You’re wagering on generational death to resolve the thorn in your side.

While you are winning the numbers game at the moment because you’ve had a few decades to create and increase the illiteracy crisis that most of the country is yet aware of, the strategy that the voices of the informed will simply die out and you’ll be left to complete your destruction of education is a bad strategy, and one that will fail long term.

Because in case you didn’t notice, the tides have turned.

What is glorious is the determination of the spirit of those against you.  We are not voices that will go silently into the night.   We will not let you win.  We are growing in numbers.  Our voices are getting louder.  Your ineptness is becoming more apparent with each passing year.

The problem with being secretive about your strategies and how subversive you were in  your take over of education is that you cannot stay secret forever.  Eventually you will be discovered and you seem genuinely shocked that you were.  What’s funny is you honestly thought people would just accept and follow.  You forgot the concept of free will and free thought.  You underestimated the human spirit.

As brilliant as your take over was, and trust me I give credit where credit is due and your take over was stunningly brilliant, it was evil and shameful and criminal and we, those of us who know better, have exposed you for who and what you are.

More and more are listening.

More and more are understanding.

And we will never be silent.

So it’s time that you understand that you are nothing more than a dead man walking.  You can keep spitting out your beautiful and slick power point presentations and sell through emotion without fact, and keep having your fanatical disciples attack the righteous who are the ones who understand and fight for the#ScienceOfReading, but you have lost.

Look, we understand that you will not die graciously.  You will kick and scream and writhe and fight a dirty fight, using every weapon you can find, hurting as many children as you can in the process because you are evil.  You will foam at the mouth and scream and curse and continue to engage in emotional warfare and epitomize what is ravaging American society which is the complete lack of civility (which you had a hand in creating).  We know this.  We expect this.

But you cannot fight science, and we cannot fix stupid.

So you will die, and we will watch.

As the victors we will control what history records, and it will record the truth, that the “industry” of education was short lived and died a painful death and damaged generations of people; but those who believed in education as a means to rise above one’s circumstances, to engender free thought and ideas, to be the mechanism of endless possibility through truly educating based on science, well, they set generation after generation free from the chains of illiteracy.

We will record your massive failure, your evil, for generations to study and understand so those crimes are not repeated.  We will be more vigilant that it does not happen again.  We will know what to look for.  No one will be complacent enough again to allow a repeat because we all know someone will embrace your evil and try again.

So keep walking around with those big smiles and consultant salaries and crush children day after day.  Go ahead.  We are saving those children from you, and we will stand over your cold dead corpse and not mourn your passing.  Instead we will celebrate it and hold you up as a beacon of why we can never deviate from the #ScienceOfReading, from the science of education ever again.

Endless generations of children, of human beings, deserve nothing less.

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